Welcome to our Gardening Club Rhydlewis and District Gardening Club has been around since the time of Adam and Eve. In fact, it is believed that one of our members planted and tended the very apple tree that gave rise to the pair being expelled from the garden!!

Whether this urban myth is true or not, the club is here to encourage, improve and extend the members' knowledge of all branches of horticulture. It is open to everyone and new members are all always welcome to come along.

Our activities during the year include a varied programme of talks and social events, summer garden visits, a plant sale, social gatherings/bbq and an annual open show in August.


FEBRUARY 24TH 2015 7.30pm
From  Joy Hayles, Betti Hawkins, Trefor Davis, Teresa O’Ryan Jacqui Harris Barbara Phillips, 

The MINUTES were read by Nina from the previous AGM. They were passed by Chris Pearl and seconded by Jane Caine

There were no matters arising from the previous AGM 

At present, Chris Pearl Jane Cain and Barbara Phillips are four still willing to stand as committee members. These were proposed by Jane Cain and seconded by Judith Russill and re-elected without obstruction. Nina and Jim Milton are continuing as secretaries, and were proposed  by Diane Walkey and seconded by Carrie Nokes.  Marianne Taylor is happy to continue as treasurer and was proposed  by Liz Blackler and seconded by Jane Cain. It was announced by Jenny that Liz Blackler is now holding the Show Secretary role.
Sadly, Jeanette Sharman has decided to resign from the committee and volunteers were called for. Susan Edmunds and Rita Hyde came forward, were proposed and seconded and welcomed onto the committee. 
Finally, Jenny discussed her own retirement as Chair, which she announced at the last meeting. As no person came forward to be nominated for this post, Jenny agreed to stay on for a few months.

Starting with the March Spring Show and May Bring and Buy 2014, both of which had been slightly down on funds, Jenny said the weather last year was a considerable factor in this and asked that we started thinking about donation of cuttings and seedlings for this year. She mentioned the talks as interesting and varied, especially Bee Keeping by Gerald Cooper, Growing Roses in Wales by Richard Bramley, and Carrie Thomas’ talk on seeds, and, at the beginning of 2015, Charlie Martin’s talk on compost was most interesting and hands-on. The Garden Visit to Sculpture Heaven was well loved, and the party at Sue and Richard’s went well. We had a well-attended Autumn Show. Jenny thought our displays were the best for some time, maybe because there was no Rhydlewis Village Show.
Marianne read though her report. There was no raffle at the Produce Show as no prizes were brought, but Jenny pointed out that the auction did well. 
Jim noted that the accounts had not been signed by an auditor. Marianne explained that they had not been audited this year, but in previous years someone had looked over them, but not signed them. It was agreed that they should be audited before long.
Marianne thanked Chris for doing the raffle each meeting.
She then raised the subject of a second signature being needed to transfer funds from the current to the deposit account. Jenny wasn’t sure about the issue of a counter-signature. Susan Edmunds asked when there were two accounts when we had very little money overall and the interest rate is now very low. 
The balance available at this moment for the Club is £1329.53p. The accounts were accepted by the meeting. 
Judith Russill raised the issue of subscription fees, as funds are so low at the moment, and cost of regular payments, such as meeting in the large hall, are going up. She asked about the logic for joint couple membership.
Several suggestions were forwarded to the chair, and after some discussion, it was proposed the subscriptions should become individual, and set at £10 per member per year. A vote was taken on this and the motion was carried.
Liz Blackler asked how long a visitor to meetings can attend before paying a sub. This was discussed and agreed that from now on, visitors will be asked to pay £1 per meeting until they join. New members have always been able to formally join on a sliding scale subscription, and this will continue.
Jenny raised the issue of our representative on the Rhydlewis Village Hall Committee. Erica has been doing stirling work for the past year and would now like to stand down. Jenny said a rep was important as it allowed us one free function per annum (saving £45). There were no volunteers at present. Since then, Jim Milton has been willing to stand in.
As Show Secretary, Liz Blackler raised some points about the next Spring Show. She had distributed the programmes and they are also available on the blogsite. She asked for members to step forward to help on the day from 3pm until the start of the show.  She also said she was happy, as new show secretary, to take suggestions any member might have about, for instance, the schedule.
She also suggested that, starting with the Autumn Show, that a small fee is charged for non members per item exhibited. This was settled as 10p per item. The item was proposed by Liz and seconded by Paul and voted in.
Liz Blackler suggested that a recipe swap for interesting dishes that include the use of abundant garden produce might be a good idea and she would be happy to collate such a collection.

MEETING DECLARED CLOSED AT 20.20 and was followed by a very enjoyable quiz on bee culture organised by Marianne, and a delicious buffet with wine.
The next AGM will be in February 23rd 2016.
The meeting was closed at 2030hrs.

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